Friday, August 20, 2010

NetBeans UML Plugin Ressurection!

Hi people,

I happy to say that since last week the UML support for NetBeans IDE was resurrected by the community as you can see the official announcement in the NetBeans new webpage. This effort is fully driven by the NetBeans community and if you wish to help to keep and improve this plugin don't hesitate to contact Javier Ortiz Bultrón or send your offer to mailing list.
For more details about what is going on, take a look at the project wiki page.

It is one more prove how strong is the open-source community! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but I beg to differ. The "power of the community" can only be judged if the UML module does well in the community's hands and continues to evolve with great features. It's too early right now to assume that the community is powerful because some volunteers came up and took over the module. Many a times, people sign up but then don't put their hearts into such open source projects going forward, and then the project dies a slow and painful death.

Unknown said...

Yes, I sadly need to agree with you. But I believe we can get a stronger community if each one helps a little bit. We have for now a small team working on it, learning about the code base and so on, but soon we wish to have a beta stable version. I think what you say is true for any open source community and NetBeans is not a exception. Since we have new people almost everyday starting to help us, we know time after tie some of them will be so busy and maybe others will help to keep the wheel running.
Well, thanks for your comment and now is time to spread the world and wait for more contributors, maybe you could help us too :)