Monday, April 12, 2010

The correct way to file a performance issue for NetBeans IDE

Sometimes you feel your favorite IDE is slower or the memory consumption is higher than you expect so you usually file a bug but just a description is not enough to solve it. For this kind of issue the developers need more information as steps to reproduce and of course the heap and/or thread dumps of your system. Based on these informations some bottleneck could be identified and a solution implemented.

But get these information is not trivial for many users and NetBeans IDE has since version 6.7 a feature named Profile Me! or even Fitness Via Partnership which helps to make this task easier.

In this page you can see step by step how to get the thread dump from your system in the section Profile Me! and just below you can see the section Snapshot me! with details about how to get and send the memory dump. Many people are not aware about it so I hope this post could help you to file better issues to NetBeans project helping to make this the only IDE you need.

Happy coding!

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