Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Released Genesis 3.0

Hi folks,

sorry for a delay, but I am pleased to announce a new genesis release too, 3.0.

Some of the most noteworthy new features and changes are:

* Added SWT and Swing support.

* Binding strategies are now supported.

* Binding for checkboxes and radiobuttons has been reviewed and documented.

* Java 5 enums and annotations are now supported.

* It's possible to use binding in regular Java projects without

using AOP, by adding the required jars to classpath.

* Error messages for malformed/misplaced annotations, non-existing

properties and missing files have been improved.

* Support for generic script languages: expanding its original

JXPath support, the framework now provides built-in support for

BeanShell, JavaScript and EL, and still has a mechanism that allow

other languages to be supported

* JavaScript is the default script language.

* Upgraded to AspectWerkz 2.0.

* Docs have been completely revised.

The following bugs have been fixed on this release:

* @BeforeAction does not work for an @Action that is also a

@DataProvider (Issue # 331).

* Invoking a command method from another command method doesn't

work properly in local desktop mode (Issue # 446).

* Binding of checkboxes/radiobuttons/toggle buttons is broken for

Thinlet (Issue # 425).

Please take a look at the release notes (


) for a list of bugs fixed in this release, as well as a new features

list linked to their respective documentation. Distribution files may

be found at https://genesis.dev.java.net/nonav/3.0/maven-site/en/download.html.

We strongly advise you to upgrade to this release.

Thanks for your attention, time and support.


The genesis team