Monday, February 26, 2007

Updated modules and Japanese support...

I updated my teo modules, Copy and Paste History and now named AutoSave module (old Save Automatically module).

The changes for CPH was:

- Full support for Japanese language;

- Minor improvements.

and for AutoSave module:

- Changing name, just for simpler way to talk about module (all entries on UI is the same, just module name was changed);

- Full support for Japanese language;

- Minor improvements and performance.

These updates are available on my UC and usual way described on old blog entries.

Any problem, suggestion or feedback are welcome.

BTW, a special thanks to Masaki Katakai which make the japanese translation. He is a Sun employee that works with us on translatedfiles NetBeans project.


Some screenshots about AutoSave in japanese version:

Online Help. (Click to enlarge)

Options dialog. (Click to enlarge)

File menu entry. (Click to enlarge)


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