Monday, February 26, 2007

Updated modules and Japanese support...

I updated my teo modules, Copy and Paste History and now named AutoSave module (old Save Automatically module).

The changes for CPH was:

- Full support for Japanese language;

- Minor improvements.

and for AutoSave module:

- Changing name, just for simpler way to talk about module (all entries on UI is the same, just module name was changed);

- Full support for Japanese language;

- Minor improvements and performance.

These updates are available on my UC and usual way described on old blog entries.

Any problem, suggestion or feedback are welcome.

BTW, a special thanks to Masaki Katakai which make the japanese translation. He is a Sun employee that works with us on translatedfiles NetBeans project.


Some screenshots about AutoSave in japanese version:

Online Help. (Click to enlarge)

Options dialog. (Click to enlarge)

File menu entry. (Click to enlarge)


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Novo Módulo - Salvar Automaticamente

Como não poderia deixar de ser, estou fazendo o anúncio do meu mais novo plugin pro NetBeans, com suporte a salvamento automático dos arquivos em edição. Com suporte a personalização do tempo entre as operações de persistência, bem como se este recurso estará ou não ativado durante determinado período. Este esta disponível em inglês e português, com suporte total ao NetBeans 5.X.

Para obter os binários do plugin, o NBM here esta disponível, ou através do meu UC, descrito aqui.

Quaisquer problemas, favor avisar-me em

Save Automatically module updated

I updated the Save Automatically module now, with the follow changes:

  • Fixed warnings on log file;

  • Added license and signature to the module.

BTW, thanks for everyone that test the module and send me feedback, specially for Jesse, Masaki and Ramon that help me about some troubles during development and feedback.

Soon we will have japanese translation support (thanks Masaki)!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Module - Save Automatically

Hi folks,

for people that miss the feature about automatically save yours unsaved files, now it

is possible. I create a module that make this possible, where is possible you define

the interval between save actions, and if the option is active or not. You can see details

about how edit this settings on help system.

This module is available in english and brazilian portuguese. If you wish help to make

this available in another language, please let me know.

You can get the NBM here, or on my UC, described here.

Any trouble or feedback, plese tell me on

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Defining a baseline alignment for your custom component on Matisse

Some days ago, I needed refine some custom componets on my project, and since the component super class is a JPanel, the NetBeans form editor (aka Matisse), uses just the bottom or top border to align components on the form. Any way, there is a way to informe for Matisse the baseline value, which will be useful for a good GUI design. My example is a simple search panel, where there is a text field where user define a ID that will be searched, and some description will be showed for user at another one. So, to do this component I use just two JTextFields and a JPanel. The image below show the three alignment possibilities on Matisse, top, bottom and baseline:

Example for top, bottom and baseline alignment. (Click to enlarge)

So, the baseline alignment just is possible if I add the follow method on my component:

public int getBaseline( int w, int h ) {

return h * 3 / 4;


It is not necessary implements any interface or another artefact, just add this method, which return a distance for baseline alignment since top border. The example above is just a simple example. This behavior are define on org.jdesktop.layout.Baseline class (see javadoc), and if the custom component is a subclass of a known component, as JButton and so on, this is not necessary.